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State Policy Network Annual Report

SPN’s 2022 Annual Report tells a story that Americans don’t always hear when they turn on the news, but one they feel when they look out their front door – into their neighborhoods, communities, and states. 

It is a story of people coming together to solve problems and protect the values and institutions that have made this country prosperous. It is one where organizations in our Network across the states are learning from one another and adopting policies that work in one place so that they can help people elsewhere. It is one where rather than looking to Washington, DC politicians to “fix” everything, solutions are tailored and customized to the needs of the people in a particular state. It is a story of state leaders from our Network collaborating, strengthening each other, and building a movement towards change. In other words, it is the story of an organization that enables our Network to go further, faster, together. 

SPN is proud to partner with our Network affiliates and generous supporters so that state solutions have national impact.  

Current Issue: 2022 Annual Report

SPN has supported Network affiliates to achieve the following:  

  • 50 million lives improved from state policy victories in key areas like education, the economy, healthcare, energy, labor, and government overreach.
  • Over $6 million in SPN targeted investments made to the 50-state Network that fueled critical work to advance sound state policy solutions.
  • 111,000 media mentions in top media outlets like The Wall Street Journal, National Review, The Hill, and The Washington Post.
  • 1,500 state and local leaders registered for SPN’s Annual Meeting.
  • 250 SPN-sponsored trainings and events to build a pipeline of talented leaders who advanced transformative policies in the states and beyond.

  • 63 organizations in our state Network, in addition to 66 partners in key capacities, and over 90 national partners in 2022.  

With our state partners, we have helped propel important policy wins, built strong leaders and organizations, incubated new solutions to longstanding challenges, and brought our movement together around a shared vision and commitment to improving lives in states and communities. 

SPN’s vision is an American where all people can flourish because collaborative, entrepreneurial leaders have secured lasting social change, personal freedom, and economic opportunity at the state and local level. Our mission is to catalyze thriving, durable freedom movements in every state, anchored with high-performing, independent think tanks.  

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