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SPN LaunchPad

State Policy Network’s LaunchPad accelerates the work of social entrepreneurs through an unparalleled network of guidance, resources, and financial support. We envision an America where all people can flourish because collaborative, entrepreneurial leaders have secured lasting social change, personal freedom, and economic opportunity.  

LaunchPad’s accelerator model combines intensive learning opportunities with high-impact mentorship, fostering an environment where innovators can rapidly test, refine, and scale their market-based solutions to real-world challenges.  

Our goal is to launch or accelerate social change initiatives, increasing their reach and effectiveness and creating lasting opportunities for all.  

Further. Faster. Together.  

SPN captures learning from LaunchPad in case studies, analysis, and policy recommendations and shares it with the Network so that more people and communities can access productive solutions that are tested and replicable nationwide.

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What We Do

LaunchPad connects and empowers a network of change-makers to accelerate the pace of social enterprise initiatives. We identify promising entrepreneurs, assemble expert teams of Advisors, and identify pathways for innovative projects to solve real-world challenges. 

LaunchPad’s mission is to fast-track market-based solutions to eradicate poverty and maximize educational outcomes. We do this in two ways. First, we connect LaunchPad project owners with Advisors who sharpen project plans with insight derived from their own experience as social entrepreneurs and experts in a variety of fields. Second, we link project owners with a Network of policy professionals who can highlight practical non-government solutions in their work to advance individual freedom and free enterprise.

By providing a supportive environment for growth and innovation, LaunchPad propels economic advancement to fight poverty and creates opportunities for more students to get the education they need to succeed.  

Why We Do It

For over three decades, State Policy Network has connected, incubated, and accelerated a national network of think tanks dedicated to advancing the principles of federalism, free markets, and free enterprise. The Network has evolved from analyzing policy to designing it.

We now partner with those on the frontlines solving our most complex challenges so that they create reforms that improve human well-being. Today, Networks of Networks in the states collaborate and engage in the communities extending the impact of the Network’s work beyond policy recommendation to tangible action. 

State Policy Network’s LaunchPad links policy analysis and advocacy with social entrepreneurs to ensure that policy design is grounded in day-to-day realities and provides crucial feedback on what’s working and what’s not when it comes to solving our most pressing challenges.  

Do You Have a Project?

LaunchPad seeks projects that leverage or create market-based solutions to eradicate poverty, expand educational opportunities, and improve educational outcomes.  

Projects could include:  

  • State-based policy initiatives or reforms that are scalable to multiple states. 
  • Strategies to improve access to education or information that empowers individuals. 
  • Non-profit organizations that are providing innovative solutions to help people in their communities. 
  • Business enterprises targeted toward value creation in education and economic development. 

To be accepted into LaunchPad, project owners will present projects that: 

Eradicate Poverty 

  • Multi-state policy initiatives designed to: Improve access to education and skills training, reduce regulatory barriers, or encourage entrepreneurship and business development. 
  • Projects that: Address the housing crisis, work to eliminate food insecurity, or improve access to healthcare or health services. 

Expand Educational Opportunities 

  • Multi-state policy initiatives designed to: Increase opportunities for students to access the education they need to flourish. 
  • Projects that: Expand access to high-quality education or promote education and skills training that prepare students for the future. 

Improve Educational Outcomes 

  • Multi-state policy initiatives designed to: Improve education provision so students can achieve their fullest potential. 
  • Projects that: Make education more accessible and personalized, leverage technology, engage students, or provide services to struggling or low-income students. 

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LaunchPad Alumni

Dad Saves America 

John Papola presented an iteration of Dad Saves America at LaunchPad in 2020.  After strong feedback from Advisors, John decided to rework his original vision of creating a documentary while finding ways to promote core values and child development strategies that underpin healthy, effective adulthood.  John launched a full YouTube series on in early 2022.  

Dad Saves America was launched to celebrate, empower, and entertain Dads, could-be Dads, and father-figures of all types. The YouTube channel has received over 5.7 million views and over 25,000 subscribers. John has interviewed high profile guests such as Academy Award-winning actor Troy Kotsur, Daymond John, Dr. Drew, John Mackey, and Michael Strong.