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Government Shutdowns Should Be a Wake-up Call for States
It’s long past time for states to take a more active role in preparing and planning their budgets to avert a likely disaster.

This op-ed by State Policy Network’s Ray Nothstine originally ran at National Review.

When it comes to lost causes, challenging Washington’s insatiable appetite to spend more from inside Congress ranks high. The Congressional Budget Office says U.S. debt will reach $50 trillion by 2033, an increase of $5.2 billion every day over the next decade. While discretionary spending is not a significant driver of the deficit or debt, U.S. House groups are threatening another government shutdown on October 1 to try and secure a few budget demands from the Biden administration. And even if the latest shutdown is averted, the 14 government shutdowns since 1981 are a reminder that states need to stop being mere bystanders to Washington’s dysfunction.

Simply put: A government shutdown should prepare states to not only police incoming federal funds but also make sure that their own budgetary processes meet constituent demands, fund public services, and support the necessary infrastructure for thriving economies, regardless of Washington’s antics.

Read the full piece at National Review here.

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